Regular Impronautics Workshop

Starting 22nd February 2019 and ongoing

Regular once a month Impronautics workshops. This is an exciting step where a group can develop and we can really go on a journey into the deeper territory of improvising. Very excited to be anouncing this. Currently the group will be open to anyone

Revolution Music Video

Music video for Revolution from Hammering Nails into the Sky

I was invited to watch a friends dance performance group called ProtoCiało and I thought it had something so raw and precious that I really wanted to collabourate. The group was really genorous and agreed to put the video material of their performance with the Revolution song. Ewa Podig filmed and edited the video, and here it is in all it’s black and white glory 🙂

Samuel Alty performs a session for Radio RAM

Samuel Alty enchanted the audience gathered in the Auditory Studio for the fifth Radio Ram Session. Performing several compositions accompanied by a choir, Samuel was able to get the crowd involved in several completely experimental tracks played. There were also very beautiful piano used as well as some beatboxing, Cajon and a bit of looping to get things going.

More details at:

TV interview with Terry Clark-Ward on “5 O´Clark”

Sam Alty met with Terry Clark-Ward for an interview on his TV series called 5 O´Clark

Sam talks about his interest in music and dance, as well as his move from New Zealand to Poland.  Walking around one of his favourite places they discuss his love for the Polish way of life and they also discuss what the future holds.

A great day was had by everyone, the team were fantastic to work with. There’s also a lot of slightly manic over tired hysteria, but all good fun, and everyone’s really happy with the result.



Ham_Nails_skyAfter far too long!!! It´s finally done, finished, mixed, mastered and out!!!!

We had a great release party at Klub Uff, and now it´s officially available for download!!!

Very happy, and relieved and a little bit feeling sick all at the same time

Hammering Nails Into The Sky

Press Review for Heart


Heart Song_distribution300Samuel Alty. Captures the enthusiasm of flamenco and distills it into a two-and-a-half-minute romp that I can’t get out of my head. The music video perfectly complements the ecstatic vibe of the tune: a group of people slowly getting accustomed to dancing in public. This is way, way fun.”- independent clauses