Workshop 9th April – Wroclaw

musicianBody and voice laboratory – awakening of the inner song

Everyone has a song inside them. Working physically and dynamically, participants are led to
access their own individual musicality, creating unique and original songs, within a
supportive and relaxed environment. Facebook event page (more…)

Press Review for Heart


Heart Song_distribution300Samuel Alty. Captures the enthusiasm of flamenco and distills it into a two-and-a-half-minute romp that I can’t get out of my head. The music video perfectly complements the ecstatic vibe of the tune: a group of people slowly getting accustomed to dancing in public. This is way, way fun.”- independent clauses


Koncert Miser Art. 26th Luty

Miser Art PosterCome along to Miser Art, Friday 26th of February. (ul. Cybulskiego 35A
PL-50-205 Wrocław)

We´ll be playing music from the new album due for release in Spring!

Sping Warming Concert and Video Launch


Jubilo, Fundacja Homo Sacer, Samuel Alty oraz wrocławska Grupa Kontakt
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SPRING WARMING – koncert Samuela Alty’ego i imprezę taneczną w MiserArt!

Idzie wiosna!


Musicality Workshop Krakow


by Sam Alty, New Zealand
Friday, April 10 2015 at 7:30pm
Studio Zwierzyniec in Kraków, Poland