TV interview with Terry Clark-Ward on “5 O´Clark”

Sam Alty met with Terry Clark-Ward for an interview on his TV series called 5 O´Clark Sam talks about his interest in music and dance, as well as his move from New Zealand to Poland.  Walking around one of his favourite places they discuss his love for the Polish way of life and they also discuss […]

Greek workshop and Concert

My first time in Greece, and I will be working along side the incredible Alexandra Kazazou with our workshop The Radiant Performer-Musicis Corpus between the 25th to 28th May And performing in Athens on the 27th of May at Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα    


After far too long!!! It´s finally done, finished, mixed, mastered and out!!!! We had a great release party at Klub Uff, and now it´s officially available for download!!! Very happy, and relieved and a little bit feeling sick all at the same time Hammering Nails Into The Sky

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