The Liquid Way to Action will fuse Studio Matejka’s well established creative training and research process with the performers’ own experiences to uncover personal forms of expression. The participants will explore the rigorous and experimental workspace that defines our studio. Through a laboratory model that seeks to break the borders between dance, dramatic theatre and other forms of performing arts, we aim to unlock the potentiality of beginnings and places, where action is born.

The intensive session, divided into stages, will be devoted to the development of skills in physical performance and will support the creation of individual scores. Those created movement structures will be used as material for individual etudes and finally a common performance. This workshop continues in our aim to support individual, creative artistic proposals in relation to the Studio Matejka approach. We wish to create a space for extraordinary theatrical ideas.

We invite into our workshop professionals and semi-professionals experienced in dance and physical theatre, as well as artists from other disciplines (fine art, stage design, music, dramaturgy).

The workshop will be held in English with Matej Mateka, Sam Alty Natalia Pieczuro and members of Studio Matejka. As the practice is based on the platform of listening and communication through the body and intuitive experience, verbal explanation will be kept to a minimum.

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Date: 10 – 20 July 2017
Venue: Studio Matejka,  Brzezinka, forest base of the Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland

Thanks – Sam