This workshop is addressed to artists/performers, who work with the body and voice, to explore the political relationships of their work.

In our contemporary globalised society our attention is a commodity bought and sold for the interests of different political, ideological and corporate agendas. How we think, leads to how we feel, which leads to how we act. If our thinking is manipulated our actions will be too.

This workshop seeks to become sensitive of the moments when we are reactive rather than responsive, when the force of habit and conditioning takes over. What new possibilities and choices can arise then? How does that affect our art? How is that art received by our audience? By our society?

In the journey of the artist we can become aware of the power that arises when we are connected with our heart, with our truth, to be fully present and in a state of flow. What political impact does an artistic expression have when it is from this place inside ourself?

Living in this time of rapid change and crisis, what need does society have of the artist? In my opinion it has never been needed more.

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