Voice Ecology

Ecology is the study of an organism in its habitat. Humans are intrinsically part of nature and not separate. In the deep ecology movement, identification with a ‘narrow ego’ that is separate from nature, towards an ‘ecological self’ that includes nature is seen as a vital condition for self-realization.

Voice Ecology is a vocal training approach that explores how considering ourself as part of our environment effects our self-expression. We investigate how this expanded view can enrich, extend and empower our voices and expression.

Voice Ecology is built on rigorous, playful and carefully directed improvisation and mindfulness exercises combined with discussion. Tremendous power for play, expression and discovery is unlocked and we also have a lot of fun!

“This is a time full of voice but not only. It's also a time of expressive freedom and play where being childish is the biggest virtue.”- Kasia Stankiewicz, workshop participant.

The workshop takes place in the Grotowski Institute’s forest base in Brzezinka, offering simple living conditions and an opportunity to be immersed in the forest far from the city.

Sessions Include:

·       physical and vocal warm up

·       breath practice

·       centring ourselves

·       group focus and tuning

·       meditation

·       improvisation exercises

·       discussion


Samuel Alty is an award-winning composer, songwriter, physical theatre performer, musical director activist and teacher. Based in Poland since 2011 he has been associated with the Song of the Goat Theatre, Studio Matejka and the Grotowski Institute. He has performed and led workshops internationally and was the receiver of the Best Music Award in Ozdemir Nutku Theatre Awards (Turkey) – 2019. The video for his song ‘Where the Sea Meets the Land’ was nominated for the North Europe International Film Festival 2021.

Learning musical instruments came easy to Alty but the voice did not. From sounding like a “dying cat” he now uses his voice professionally, runs vocal workshops, and has released songs played frequently on streaming services and radio. Alty guides his workshops full of empathy and has a deep respect for the process people undergo when they feel ready to work with their voices. 

Upcoming Workshops:


Grotowski Institute forest base - Brezinka - Poland



Cyrkulacja Festival - Wrocław - Poland

30.06 - 04.07.2021


To register for a workshop please email:


Grammar of Creativity


I have been involved in the creative process both in education and professionally my whole life. In theatre, music, dance, film, leading workshops in different countries and even won the the Ozdemir Nutku Theatre Award for music in Turkey!
The primary goal of this workshop is not about singing or moving or acting better but rather to have an opportunity to explore the fundamental creative process itself, which can then be fed into any mode of creativity.
We combine expression with self-reflection and in this way open a channel of listening to our own creative voice, develop a growing trust in our own creative power and become a student to our own creative voice. Our own ‘voice’ becomes guide and instructor.
It is my belief that the world deeply needs us to be engaging with our unique creative potential and the importance of being intentionally creative has consequences that can be far reaching.

Samuel Alty is a musician, vocalist, performer and actor, teacher and animator. He danced at the Royal Opera House, toured with Giffords Circus and performed with members of the Pieśń Kozła theatre company. Spent many years practising a form of improvisational theatre called Action Theatre., and a whole load of living!