Grammar of Creativity


I have been involved in the creative process both in education and professionally my whole life. In theatre, music, dance, film, leading workshops in different countries and even won the the Ozdemir Nutku Theatre Award for music in Turkey!
The primary goal of this workshop is not about singing or moving or acting better but rather to have an opportunity to explore the fundamental creative process itself, which can then be fed into any mode of creativity.
We combine expression with self-reflection and in this way open a channel of listening to our own creative voice, develop a growing trust in our own creative power and become a student to our own creative voice. Our own ‘voice’ becomes guide and instructor.
It is my belief that the world deeply needs us to be engaging with our unique creative potential and the importance of being intentionally creative has consequences that can be far reaching.

Samuel Alty is a musician, vocalist, performer and actor, teacher and animator. He danced at the Royal Opera House, toured with Giffords Circus and performed with members of the Pieśń Kozła theatre company. Spent many years practising a form of improvisational theatre called Action Theatre., and a whole load of living!